Thursday, April 10, 2008

Katie Kouric to leave CBS News early. Good riddance.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that there is a strong likelihood that Katie Kouric will leave CBS News shortly after the Presidential inauguration in January 2009. Her contract, which (over)pays her $15 million a year, runs through 2011.

It is my opinion that her alleged interviewing skills have never suited her for the job of reading daily news headlines, and I find her unctuous, earnest voice resembles that anonymous voice on the phone telling you "I'm sorry, sir, your electricity will not be restored for several more days. No sir, there is nothing that can be done faster. Our crews are working has fast as they can." It blurs into that "Wah Wah Wah" voice-sound used on a Charlie Brown TV special when the adults are talking.

I don't know if CBS News can recover, but getting rid of Katie Couric will be a good start at trying. That is a position for someone with a deep understanding of what makes good news reporting, and Ms. Couric has never had that. She is an entertainer, not a news person.

Her failure in the CBS News anchor position is not her fault. It is the fault of the management at CBS News who hired her and who also treated Dan Rather so badly as he was leaving.

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Anonymous said...

We love her. I think is the right who don't want her because of the Sarah Palin interview. She is great!!!