Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Republican Party as it really is.

Here are some events that display the positions held by the Republican Party in America.

First we get Congressman Tom Tancredo declaring that there needs to be a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that puts Brownsville, Texas on the Mexican side of the wall. Tom Tancredo, you will remember, was a minority candidate for the Republican nomination for President, getting fewer voted than either Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee, but seriously moving the Republican issues towards stopping Mexican immigration into the U.S and towards rounding up the 12 million Mexicans currently living and working in the U.S. and sending them back to Mexico.

This is an effort to disrupt a social movement that has existed since the end of the Mexican-American war, to stop the movement of a rural population that no longer has an economic purpose to the industrial (including industrialized agriculture) jobs that have replaced subsistence agriculture, and to establish a formal national border which has never before existed. It is a fear-based effort to recreate history, economic and sociology that has never before existed. It is the Republican Party creating public fear over normal social activities. (Ask, and I'll explain at length.)

Then we get Tony Zirkle, the Nazi segregationist running for the Republican nomination for Congressman. Off-the-wall fringe candidate? "Porter County Republican chairman Chuck Williams on Tuesday denounced Zirkle's appearance at the gathering." But hey, 30% of the Republican who voted in the 2006 Republican Primary for the same office voted for him against then-incumbent Chris Chocola.

This is a large part of America's current Republican Party. Anti-immigrant Nazi segregationists.

America does not need these people in positions of power in the government.

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