Monday, December 24, 2007

Here's one reason for the Ron Paul phenomenon

Taylor Marsh reports discussing why all her Mormon relatives like Ron Paul and detest Mitt Romney. Go read it.

If I hadn't lived in Ron Paul's district for an election, I might have agreed with them. They're right that the speaks his mind honestly. And he has some really good ideas. Unfortunately, he has some ideas that are really screwed up, too. His comments on the American Civil War simply run off into insanity. Not that his approach wouldn't have been far better in 1860 - had it been close to possible, but Jesus, Man, this is 2007!

He is right that it would have been far cheaper to have the federal government simply buy up the slaves and free them, but at the time the Southerners fired on Fort Sumpter and Lincoln properly sent in troops to put down the local rebellion (similar to Shay's Rebellion under George Washington), no one seriously thought combat would last six months or that the rebellion would spread to the entire South and become serious warfare. With that attitude, how could a bill to buy the slaves and free them ever pass Congress? Not to mention the fact that the Southerners could have easily blocked it and certainly would have. Which is entirely beside the point. Ron Paul may think this is 1860, but it's really not. Ron Paul is simply a wack job and a fruitcake. It's just that sometimes only the insane dare speak the Truth publicly. That doesn't make him acceptable as President on all these issues.

Back to Taylor Marsh's relatives, though. They want Ron Paul to run as an independent when the Republicans refuse to nominate him, and Ms. Marsh thinks that if he does he will also get a whole lot of Democrats who are disgusted with the Democratic Party to vote for him also, seriously messing up any predictability in November 2008. I know that my disgust with Harry Reid, Nancy (impeachment is off the table) Pelosi and the Democratic so-called leaders has reached a high level, so that the only reason today to be a Democrat is that the Republicans are headed rapidly towards Fascism, and the Democrats are only assisting them to get there, not actively pushing.

So that's my opinion. Go read Ms. Marsh's article and see what you think.


Anonymous said...

When you appear to support the presidential candidate alternatives to Ron Paul, that makes you look crazy -- which therefore nullifies your argument, instantly. The alternatives are primarily CFR-loving, paid-for puppets. If that's what you want, then you either paid for, you are stupid, or you are nuts.

Richard said...

Someone will be sworn in as President in January of 2009. Your choice is to ignore the process or to support someone who is in a position to get the job.

As Bush has proven, the individual who occupies the office of President makes life-or-death decisions for the rest of us. Clearly Ron Paul is not competent to make those decisions under any condition. Neither is Huckabee.

The worst Democrat running is superior than any of the Republican candidates. With your attitude you will get what you deserve - I guess you were happy with the worst American President ever, Bush. Rudy seems to be a good copy, though less competent.

If you don't express a preference, then it is you who are stupid or nuts. I seriously doubt anyone would pay you for such stupidity.