Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Want to see what is happening to American Labor?

Workers who work, not for the employer but for a labor contractor the employer hired to do the paperwork. No paychecks, no check stubs. A worker who works more than 40 hours gets paid by a different labor contractor (at the same address as the original one) and at the same hourly rate.

The work is dangerous, but there is no training and no safety equipment. Not even a hard hat. The workers are demolishing a building with asbestos in it, which should be done by especially trained and equipped workers.

This is the story from the Village Voice.

Nah, we don't need no unions. The employers will take care of their workers.

Yeah, Right.

Not if it costs them a dime. They are drawing the big bucks that the Bushites claim shouldn't be taxed so heavily, and the work should not be inspected by OSHA and should not be unionized.

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