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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Tony Perkins demands Xtian activist judges
Ed Kilgore at New Donkey dot com analyzes Tony Perkins' statement:

"FRC President Tony Perkins said Democrats were using filibusters to exclude religious believers from the bench. Holding up a Bible, he told the audience, "What we are saying tonight is that as American citizens, we should not have to choose between believing what is in this book and serving the public."

I very much agree with Ed. Perkins wants Judges to be activists in the sense that they elevate their reading of Biblical Law above that of the federal or state Constitution, legislation, or precedent established in centuries of Common Law. Such activist judges will be violating their oath to uphold the Constitution and the Law. Texas Justice Patrician Owen is such an activist judge, which is why the Democrats in the Senate object to her being given a lifetime appointment to the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans.

This effort by Perkins is an example of the effort of the Xtians like Perkins and Dobson to take control of the American government and judiciary so that their dream of creating a Biblical Theocracy in America can be make real. They consider the Bible to be inerrant, word for word the Word of God, and believe that it contains the Truth in History, Science and Law.

If you want to understand Xtian fundamentalism, read "Fundamentalism" and/or "The Battle for God", both excellent and well-researched books listed at the side column of this blog.
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