Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why are Americans so uninformed? Is it that Geraldo can't get off the Nicole Smith story?

If you have seen the truly excellent stories on how the wounded are being treated at Walter Reed Hospital and you have any heart at all, you will be sick. (Here is one and here is the other. For some odd reason, I'm sure it is just concidence, Walter Reed has just announced a program to improve the older facilities like Building #18.) I'm certain it was in the works already, and it is only coincidence that they start the day after the second of Dana Priest's articles appeared on the front page of the Washington Post.

Especially since Jonah Goldberg at "National Review's The Corner" has real doubt about the source. Dana Priest, Johan says, is unreliable because she has "an agenda." He offers no facts to back this up, but he is certain that she cannot be trusted. He suggests that FOX news put Geraldo on the case.

Glenn Greenwald tells the story of Jonah's doubt from his new digs at Salon.

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