Sunday, February 25, 2007

America is becoming a Right-wing Dictatorship under Cheney

Today the Times of London Online has a story that reports that a number of senior U.S. Generals will resign if given the order to attack Iran. Seen it anywhere in the U.S. newspapers? I sure haven't. Cheney doesn't want the U.S. to read that - so we can't. Not in an American source.

Then we get from the Democratic Party website a discussion of an OpEd that two individuals who previously signed an agreement that their published writings had to be cleared being told that there was no classified materiel in the OpEd they wanted published in the NY Times, but the Bush administration considered several parts of it put the Bush Administration in a bad light and demanded that those items be redacted.

This is censorship for political purposes, not for national security purposes.

Do you think that when the Republicans fully turn America into a Banana Republic Dictatorship they will begin to grow bananas and give jobs picking them to their supporters and Republican militia members?

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