Thursday, February 22, 2007

Seen any proof Bush wants out of Iraq? I haven't.

Or perhaps Bob Novak overestimates the power of his column to cause a Republican administration to do what he considers is important for Republicans to do.

In any case, DavidNYC at dKos has five quotes from the Evans-Novak Political Report over the period beginning Jan. 10 2007 and ending Feb 21, 2007. Go look at them (they're short) and see if you can determine why Novak keeps repeating the same message.

Think he might be feeling desperate? With a Democratic Presidency and both Houses under Democratic control, maybe he's afraid that all his sources will dry up and the Democrats won't even talk to a has-been Republican report who commited an act of Treason by publishing the name of an active CIA officer.

[H/T to Atrios.]

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