Thursday, February 15, 2007

Guide to the Wednesday (Feb 14) Libby Trial Live-blog

This is an index of links to the Firedoglake Libby Trial Liveblogging. I am trying to make it as easy as possible to go read the details of the trial as recorded by Marcy Wheeler of Firedog lake (and the Next Hurrah.) Do not refresh any more than necessary, as Firedoglake's server is being hit very frequently. That's why it is so slow to load or sometimes comes back reporting "Unable to Connect."

As before the links are in time sequence with the oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top. The numbered links are the actual (paraphrased, not verbatum) live-blogged trial reports by EmptyWheel.

To see all my posts indexing the Liveblog of the Libby trial from Firedoglake, click on the Label "Liveblog" (below.)
Craig Schmall a CIA briefer who had briefed "Scooter" Libby. He was previously called by the prosecution and now is being called for the defense to provide testimony on a different subject.

Fuhrman An FBI Section Chief. He, with others, interviewed Addington July 12, 2004, and Furman prepared the report from which a part of the stipulated information was taken.

John Cline An attorney for the Defense. Reads some of the stipulated data given to the jury.

Jenny Mayfield Jeffress (D) read three articles from her files as part of the stipulation. Jenny Mayfield was Libby's personal assistant during leak week.

Former Inspector John Eckenrode Special Agent in FBI in charge of the investigation concerning possible unauthorized disclosure of Plame's affiliation with CIA. He spoke to Tim Russert by phone on Nov 14 and Nov 24, and wrote reports to record the information Russert provided.

Stipulation An agreement between parties to a court action that a certain fact or set of facts is (are) true or uncontested. The stipulation must be in writing unless it or they are part of the court record

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