Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time defends US Attorney purge

Time Magazines blog poo Poos the issue raised by TPM that the White House is purging the U.S. Attorneys around the nation they consider likely to run investigations against corrupt Republicans. Their entire post basicly downplays the issue, then ends with:
It is also true that all of the USA's who have resigned, whether forced out or not, were appointed by Bush. In other words, if this is a massacre, it's auto-genocide.

The provision allowing the AG to appoint interim U.S. attorneys for unlimited duration won't survive for long. Feinstein has already submitted a bill overturning it. The President hasn't got the political capital to fight many battles, and this one isn't worth it.
So as far as Jay Carney is concerned, the purge of the US Attorneys is not a big deal.

Notice that the blog is run by Joe Klein, Ana Marie Cox, Jay Carney, and Karen Tumulty. Of these, the only one worth a second look is Karen Tumulty. Carney I am not familiar with, but read the post. It is essentially a short essay saying "Trust the Bush administration." And if you trust the Bush Administration, you probably love the war in Iraq. No failures, and on the road to victory in the future. Right?

It's funny that the Attorney General Gonzales doesn't want to give any information on the subject to the Senate.

EmptyWheel at the Next Hurrah does a better job of castigating Carney than I have done. Carney really does not seem to understand that the Bush Administration can appoint a US Attorney and not realize that the Attorney might take his oath to uphold the rule of law seriously, so they might want to later remove him.

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