Friday, January 19, 2007

The Fairness Doctrine discussed - Congress, not FCC

It appears that one thing electing a Democratic Congress has done is recover discussion of the "Fairness Doctrine". This was the broadcast doctrine that said people who used the public airwaves to try to push an agenda and convince people that some subject needed action had to provide a fair and balanced discussion of the subject.

No, children, not FOX News "Fair and Balanced." REAL "Fairness Doctrine" in which a broadcaster who presented a discussion of a contreversial subject had to give equal time to the other significant sides of the issue. This was the doctrine until the Reagan admininstration killed it in 1987.

Just the simple act of discussing a return to the enforced "Fairness Doctrine" on the public airwaves has the right-wingers shreiking and pulling out their hair.

Taylor Marsh has a discussion of the reaction with many samples. Go read and enjoy.

And always remember that a day and subject that has the right-wing-nuts shreiking is always better than one that leaves them silent. Always.

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