Friday, January 12, 2007

David Brock asks Disney to stop promoting torture, murder on right-wing radio

Did you know that the Disney Corporation owns one of the most virulent right-wing radio stations in the U.S.? David Brock (Media Matters) has written the top managers of Disney Corp to
"...ABC/Disney to stop airing the violent hate speech and racist fearmongering of extreme right-wing radio talk show hosts Melanie Morgan and Brian Sussman on KSFO radio in San Francisco. Morgan, Sussman, and their associates have no right to advocate torture and murder on airwaves that are owned by the American people and licensed to ABC/Disney.

We wonder why ABC/Disney and its sponsors would want to continue to be associated with such extremist views."
Read the full letter with examples of the hate speach urging murder and torture aired on KSFO radio.

Disney knows what they are doing. They are supporting extremist right-wing views.

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