Friday, January 12, 2007

Has Bush begun secret war with Iran, Syria?

Steve Clemons reports that his sources say Bush may have already sent a "secret Executive Order to the Secretary of Defense and to the Director of the CIA to launch military operations against Syria and Iran.

"The President may have started a new secret, informal war against Syria and Iran without the consent of Congress or any broad discussion with the country."

Does this explain the recent U.S. Army attack on an Iranian Consulate in Arbil, Iraq, and may be connected to the hints provided by Bush's big speech the other night.

Bush is desperate not to lose in Iraq. Is he so desperate that he will start a war with Iran and Syria in order to provide scapegoats for the idiocy of his preemptive attack on Iraq, which has already failed? He and Cheney are certainly frightened enough, have sufficient grandiosity and foolish enough to do just that. There is no question that they have totally lost any element of control in Iraq.

Steve Clemons has excellent connections. Go read his essay.

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