Saturday, August 29, 2009

Universal health care first; then a health care system that works

First America needs guaranteed universal health care. That's the big flaw in the current lack-of-system. But once that is taken care of, health care has to be provided more effectively and at lower cost to the nation.

The second part cannot be done until there is a universal health care system in place. Without universal health care and some organization overseeing the complete system there are too many places to fail. The biggest failures today are simply shunted into the pool of uninsured and ignored.

After the current battle is won, then the next set of problems has to be dealt with. Dr. Dean Ornish describes some of his experiences trying to change the health care delivery system based on good science.

Universal health care is only today's biggest battle in health care delivery. Making it more effective and cost-effective will continue to require a lot of work.

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