Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The source of the fake "Kenyan" birth certificate has been located

If you have followed the rantings of the "Birthers" and the insane "lawyer" and Dentist Orly Taitz then you have heard of the fake birth certificate the birthers claim to have found that "proves" Barack Obama was born in Kenya rather than in Hawaii. Dave Weigel of the Washington Independent has found the original document from Australia that some birther photo shopped into the so-called Kenyan birth certificate that "proves" their case.

Taitz is just another crazy Russian expatriate who has found a way to use the media to spread her madness. Who is behind her and using her to spread the message? Why are the Republicans in Congress supporting the entire birther insanity?

Is that and the tea bagger thugs all the Republicans have left to throw at American politics?

They appear sick and desperate. That's the current status of the conservative movement and the American Republican Party.


Creature said...

sounds like they need healthcare, too

Richard said...

The conservative are members of sick organizations. There is no health care for sick organizations. You simply put them out of their misery.