Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama needs something for his troops to rally around

I voted for Barack Obama because he seemed to have the good of the nation on his mind, together with the skills and knowledge necessary to actually get something done. My biggest single issue for America is health care availability for every American. So here is Obama on the subject of getting health care passed over Republican obstructionism.

Is Obama even listening to the question? Or is he just throwing out a series of words to fill the time until the next question?

I am certain that George W. Bush was in a bubble. He had no knowledge of anything that his advisers did not tell him, and he was under the thumb of some of them. Neither Bush nor his advisers saw the Presidency as an office that belonged to the people of America. Instead is was their property and they had the right to exploit it. I didn't think that was the case for Obama.

But now I don't know. Obama walked into a real mess, one in many ways the making of George W. bush's supporters, advisers and handlers. But Obama brought his own supporters, advisers and handlers, and Obama entered his own bubble. That's the nature of the Presidency.

The American government exists in order to do what Americans need done, so that they can live out their lives in a stable society that allows them to provide for their own needs and those of their families. For a century now, the medical care that a great many Americans have needed simply has not been available to those who need it when they need it. The private market was important in helping the growth of a medical industry, but the massive gaps in coverage and the numerous ways health care can be used to exploit large numbers of people have also grown. The problems now are socially destabilizing. Every other modern nation has resolved this set of problems by having some form of government regulated health care system. Now that the only institution that can improve the situation is the federal government.

Piecemeal modifications have failed to keep up. A full revision of the system is long overdue. Without that revision, the American government has failed and the failure grows larger each day.

A failed government will be replaced. There are many ways to slow down that replacement, but it is inevitable. If Obama cannot get the powers who exploit the current failed health care system under control, then the American people will replace him and the Democratic Party with someone who promises to succeed.

I thought that Obama was aware of that when I voted for him. As I watch him blather his way through a non-answer answer above, I have really begun to wonder. Obama's spokesman, Gibbs, said the other day that if getting health care passed means Obama will be a one-term President, then Obama is ready to accept that. What he better realize is that if he doesn't get health care passed, he is going to be a one-term President, And he won't get much else done after Health Care fails. To get it passed, Obama better get a single clear plan out there and gain the support of the American people pretty damned soon. The enemies of rational health care system are already mobilized and in place because they know what they have to lose.

Obama needs to get something out there like a battle flag that the troops on his side can rally around. He's built up a lot of expectations and they are coming to a head. He sure failed to put up a battle flag or rallying cry in the answer above.

I don't think that the American people are going to be patient much longer. Failure to rationalize the health care system means that the American government has failed, and a failed government will be replaced with one that promises better results.

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