Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The teabaggers are an echo from the past

I was reading a historical wikipedia article, and noted these political tactics being used by a political movement. Somehow they seemed familiar. The conditions in which that political movement grew were clearly different from those we in America face today, but look at these tactics.

[An unnamed political Party] would come to be defined by these two characteristics; opposition to Socialism and explicit nationalism. [A politician] founded the [media organization.] This [media organization] would become the party organ of the [...] movement.


[The unnamed politician]...despite his movement being a minority of [the national population] moved to make his vision of [?]ism a reality. In doing so he used the methods of organized violence, propaganda, and sometimes powerful but often Machiavellian logic.


The [unnamed political movement] would exploit [a country] Nationalism, and their sense of the failure of democracy, socialism and liberalism in their rise to power.


[The political leader] declared that "We declare war on socialism, not because it is socialist, but because it has opposed nationalism...." Between [dates] [the political movement] began to appeal both to [national] industrialists and landowners in the [rural areas.]

These are extremist political tactics designed to use rural nationalist values to oppose the needs of urban workers. These tactics are directed and funded by wealthy oligarchs who want to protect their fortunes and the high social status - often above the law - those fortunes buy for them.

Somehow this sounded very familiar and very current as I read it. Go look at the Wikipedia article.

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