Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The media has demolished McCain's assertions; Who cares?

The media seems to have awakened to the fact that the McCain political campaign is running on a set of easily debunked lies. The media has been desperately debunking those lies since the Republican National Convention - and the McCain camp is ignoring them. So are the voters as measured by the polls.

Consider this. According to cable TV mentioned Lipstick more than 350 times last week. Fannie Mae was mentioned approximately 230 times. Which matters more when voters go to choose the President in November? The media has become irrelevant to the election. Eric Boehlert describes what is happening.

It really looks a lot like TV political coverage has been hanging on by a thread for the last few years, but the death of Tim Russert woke everyone up to the fact that there simple is nothing there.

That's going to really damage some TV news anchor's tender egos. They are worthless, and everyone that matters knows it.

Cancel the TV political news. That era is over. Bring on the game shows and "realit" shows.

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