Sunday, September 21, 2008

ABC this moring really came down against McCain

When George Will says that John McCain this weeks made some of us fearful, the wheels are coming off for the Republican Presidential candidate. Add to that Sam Donaldson saying that McCain's statements have caused "age to become again an issue in this campaign." Cokie Roberts, of course, sat over in the Amen corner agreeing, then she said "Watching Obama's team just makes me feel secure."

Here's the U-Tube video of the segment:

Maybe this will get some people to go back to look at McCain's lies about being someone who pressed for reform on Wall Street. Hilzoy has an excellent analysis of what both Obama and McCain has said and the bills they have sponsored to regulate Wall Street. There is slim pickin's for the McCain camp.

McCain is and always has been a hard core Reagan Revolution free market deregulator. It's very late for him to try to change his skin.

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