Thursday, May 08, 2008

The dangers of the flat-screen monitors

I finally got an up-to-date flat screen 22 inch monitor. Looks good. Only one member of the family has a problem with it.

The cat has traditionally rested on the top of the old monitor, so she came in to my room, leaped to the top of the printer table and continued in a second leap to the top of the monitor - which wasn't there.

Fortunately, Samsung builds a monitor able to take falling behind the computer desk. Mitzi, the cat, streaked out of the room in clear chagrin.

My kid, who earlier migrated to a 22 inch flat screen, said that Mitzi did the same to his monitor. But only once. So my conclusion is that Mitzi learns quickly from experience, but does not generalize the learning as rapidly if at all.

This has been another chapter in the book of the education of the cat.

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