Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sarah Palin's Future

I've heard that there is talk that Sarah Palin might replace the RNC Chair Steele. That seems extremely unlikely to me.

My impression of the job of national party chair is that it's purpose is to raise funds and allocate them from the national party to everyone else to get them elected. Determining general national party strategy is a part of that, since it determines how the funds are allocated and is limited by the funds that are raised. No one, not even the Republicans, have a clue how Palin would perform organizing the raising of funds or what her priorities would be. Face it - for all her celebrity, she's a flake with no interest in or talent for administration or supervision. And planning party strategy? Palin? Really?

There are enough self-protective people in the Republican party to keep her out of that job. She'll never get it. Steele is safe from her, at least.

Her future is as a celebrity in some fashion, and not a very successful one in the long run. She hasn't the discipline, curiosity or education needed for that. She couldn't even succeed on Hollywood Squares. Not sufficiently entertaining to large masses. Her social Conservative attitudes and her celebrity and celebrity talent do seem to make her very qualified for some functions in the evangelical public Relations and entertainment functions. If one of the evangelical leaders decides he can use her, that is probably where she will wind up - if she wants it and can stick to it. I suspect that as long as she has adoring crowds telling her how great she is, she will stick to it.

That's my bet, any way. Have I missed anything?

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