Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Conservatism scientifically exposed for what it is.

According to Battachio at Vagabond Scholar Conservatives offer no programs or proposed policies that will even remotely benefit America. He does this with several nice colorful Venn Diagrams and clear discussion. Here is Botachio's summary of conservatism's:
"... if there had been any uncertainty before, the 2007 crusade against 12-year old accident victim Graeme Frost eliminated all doubt that spite is a point of pride for movement conservatives. ( Also, most corporate journalists won't call them on it - nor will they be honest about how mainstream eliminationist talk is among conservatives.) Modern conservatism can be summed up many ways, from "You're on your own" to "Good luck" to "Screw you, I've got mine" to "Screw you, I don't have mine, but you ain't getting anything either." It's a twisted worldview, impractical and even unrealistic, generally self-serving, sometimes self-destructive, but almost always destructive to others. Rather than recognizing and trying to minimize unnecessary suffering, as an ideology it seeks to justify cruelty and callousness. Movement conservatives seldom feel responsible for their own actions or the horrible consequences of their policies. It's unquestioned dogma for them that they represent the "natural" order, that unearned privilege within their group is proof of merit or God's favor, and the real problem with America is the uppity heretics who question all that and don't mind their place.
I strongly recommend that you click through to Vagabond Scholar and enjoy the post in all it's excellent color. If nothing else, rarely have I seen Venn Diagrams used as entertainingly and still be informative.

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