Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Cambridge cop screwed up arresting Proffesor Gates in his own home for being Black

It's pretty clear from the news that Professor Gates (Harvard University) was arrested for being a Black man standing in a house in what the cop considered a White neighborhood, and for not treating the cop with sufficient deference when he asked to cop to provide his name and badge number. This was after Professor Gates provided the officer with his ID with the address on it and with his Harvard ID. The cop was on a power trip and did not like being shown to be out of line. MSNBC has an interview with Professor Gates.

The Boston Globe Metro Desk has a less one sided article on the incident.

President Obama was asked about the incident in a Press Interview today. Here it is.

America? Post Racial? None of us living today will ever see the day, but there has been a lot of progress since Truman integrated the military. It's just not yet time to quit striving for real race neutrality.

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