Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And yet, Glenn Beck still has a job.

Glenn Beck's latest atrocity on the air should have been enough to get him fired by any reputable media or news organization. But he's with FOX, so they love him. Here is Meteor Blades with an evaluation and samples of Beck's simple-minded racism.

Next we have Eric Kleefeld who points out that "Obama-Haters Becoming Increasingly...Racial In Their Rhetoric."

Bill Clinton received the same kind of treatment after he was elected President, apparently because he had the effrontery to be a Democrat who defeated the Republican candidate to take the job. Only Barack Obama has the super-effrontery to be an African-American who defeated a Republican. So not only were the liberals so consumed with Lese Mageste that they took the job of President that the right-wing assumes belongs to conservative Republicans, they even did it with a Black man.

It is driving the conservatives around the bend. Reading the right-wing blogs is a study in insanity and anger. And those are Beck's audience.

The entire right-wing crew is out there playing with matches and explosives. Look for more lone-wolf assassins coming out of the woodwork because the right wing talk show hosts and FOX commentators are inviting them.

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