Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Iraqis say US should leave Iraq instead of screwing it up more

Charlie Rose had two articulate Iraqi's on to explain what is happening in Iraq and what America should do to help the Iraqi people. Glenn Greenwald shows the segment. Go watch it.

The several things that I particularly recall are one of the two men saying that America first destroyed the Iraqi nation after the Persian Gulf War with the bombings of infrastructure and the sanctions, then in the 2003 invasion they did everything wrong. The Americans are responsible for unleashing the internal strife in Iraq and for destroying any government that could have controlled it.

The Americans can't do anything to improve things. They have no credibility as protectors of democracy since they support dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and they don't know what they are doing even if they had good intentions, which the one Iraqi doubts.

The Sunnis were hired to attack al Qaeda in Iraq, but before the Americans invaded in 2003, there was no al Qaeda in Iraa. The Americans created those terrorists.

There's a lot more, all negative towards the American occupation. Why is this important? As Glenn Greenwald points out strongly, the view of Iraqis themselves are simply never presented in the American media.

I am not surprised at what the two Iraqis say, since I have read Graham Greene's novel "The Ugly American." the story is as true today in the Middle East as it was in Southeast Asia in the 1950's.

I have written several times that Iraq is a great Kabuki theater that presents plays to the American audience and that our leaders interpret for their own political purposes. What's really happening behind the curtains of the stage isn't known to our leaders, nor do they want it known. The only things we are getting from the American government is the information and lies they want to feed it for internal American political responses. Besides giving Bush the opportunity to be a "War President" and Cheney the opportunity to use the American military in the Middle East to influence oil flow, nothing else in Iraq matters to the current American government, and no one in any position of power has any expertise in Iraq, nor to they want it.

When you watch the TV clip, listen especially for the description of what is really happening in Iraq and how the two Iraqi's think we got there. I'd doubt their guess as to what we might to for Iraq other than getting out ASAP is any better than the guess of the American political or military leaders. We are simply in over our heads there, and we were before we stupidly sent in troops.

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