Wednesday, March 12, 2008

McCain = Bush's third term

If you like George Bush you'll love John McCain. Here is Juan Cole describing how McCain has completely adopted the Bush positions so that he can get Republican support for his run for President.
March 12, 2008 | The most important thing about the endorsements proffered to John McCain by George W. Bush and evangelist John Hagee last week was McCain's reaction to them. The freshly minted Republican nominee for president, who has had harsh words in the past for both Bush's policies and evangelical "agents of intolerance," meekly accepted their support. He knows he cannot win in November if the evangelicals and pro-war conservatives stay home. How far will McCain go in presenting himself as Son of Bush in order to energize his party's base? To date, based on his willingness to embrace the Bush agenda and to associate with religious extremists, the answer seems to be pretty far indeed.
Cole then continues to lay out how McCain has reversed his own previous positions and adopted those of George Bush in order to get the Republican nomination for President.

It's an interesting strategy for a run for President. McCain is emulating and asking for the endorsement of the single most unpopular President known since the statistics on that question started to be collected. Even Goldwater didn't adopt such an unlikely strategy for his run for the Presidency. Go read Dr. Cole's article.

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