Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is America racist? Is Rev. Wright correct?

As David Sirota point out the very media firestorm that surround Rev. Jeremiah Wright proves the truth of what he said. Rather than address what he had to say, he is being pilloryed for being a Black man who says America is racist.
...the intolerance the media lynch mob has shown toward Wright - and the tolerance the same media has shown toward the real extremists around John McCain and Hillary Clinton - is a telling double standard proving Wright's fundamental thesis correct. While Wright has dominated the news, anti-Catholic pastor John Hagee and anti-Semitic Reverend Billy Graham have received scant attention for their close relationships with McCain and Clinton, respectively. The Serious Media have followed modern day Bull Connors like Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan and Charles Krauthammer into the ugliest gutter - the gutter of racial politics. And these three racist lynch mob leaders will undoubtedly retain their perches on cable networks and on the op-ed pages of Serious Newspapers. They will continue championing what one expert calls "colorblind racism" - the kind of racism that hides itself in platitudes against racism and extremism itself.
It's sick, but what is happening is that the racist white lynch mob is chasing Rev. Wright yelling "He called us racist! Lynch him."

So Rev. Wright, the veteran ex-Marine, has had to cancel his acceptance of an award from the Bright Divinity School at TCU in Fort Worth because of personal threats.

Can't have a Black American preaching that America is a racist nation. Gotta lynch him for that! Attack! Attack!

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