Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Washington state Republican caucuses.

The way the conservatives tried to manipulate their own caucuses in Washington State is quite unbelievable - or it would be if they weren't conservatives. Here is what Sam Boyd had to say about it:
...they ran the caucuses contrary to their own rules, possibly fiddled with the results of those caucuses (remember the party ran this election not the state) and then just stopped reporting the results at all once they had their desired result. And we wonder why conservatives have trouble governing...
More details will appear soon, I am sure.

But will they appear in the national media? The New York Times has yet to publish a story on this clear effort to rig the Republican caucus. Similarly, the Washington Post provided a brief report on Huckabee's complaint about how the Republican Party just stopped counting votes, but the report came out Monday. They missed the story when it happened Saturday, and haven't gone beyond a short Reuters wire report of Huckabee's challenge on Monday.

Who are the media afraid of embarrassing? John McCain or the Republican Party in general? One thing is clear, though. They've missed the real story and embarrassed themselves.

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