Saturday, February 23, 2008

Congressman Rick Renzi (AZ-R) indicted for Fraud, money-laundering

This case sure took long enough to percolate up into an indictment. Rep. Rick Renzi has been indicted for fraud and money laundering. According to TPM Muckraker the fraud was using his Congressional office to promote the purchase of land from his buddy, James Sandlin, that the buyers could then swap for more valuable government land. The money laundering charge is based on the way Renzi got his kickbacks through a series of obscure transactions designed to hide the fact that the money he received indirectly from Sandlin was in fact illegal kickbacks. The Bush Department of Justice has been slow-walking the Renzi investigation and indictment, much as they have the investigation of California Rep. Doolittle, but apparently they couldn't keep it under wraps any longer.

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