Sunday, April 15, 2007

The best 100 books of the last twenty-five years

The British book store "Waterstone’s" asked their employees to list the top five books each had read since Waterstone’s opened in 1982. Then from those lists they assembled the list of the top 100 vote-getters for the last twenty-five years. Here it is.

I've been reading more history, politics, mysteries and science fiction myself, so I haven't seen very many on this list. But for a long time I listed "The Handmaid's Tale" in my recommended books column until Barnes & Noble switched their affiliate system and no longer recognizes my logon and password. I dropped it because the non-fiction was taking over. But from this list I'll also strongly recommend "Neuromancer" and "A Brief History of Time." "Life of PI" is on my list as a must read.

Then, I have read and enjoyed greatly all the Harry Potter books and will grab the last one next Summer as soon as I can get it, then totally lose at least one day to anything productive. But none of the Harry Potter books so far are close to the top five of any list I would submit.

The explanation and discussion for the list can be found here.

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