Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The capture of the surviving Mumbai terrorist

Here is the story of how the one surviving Mumbai terrorist was captured.

Juan Cole presents some additional data on current relations between India and Pakistan, as well as a bit of background on Lashkar-e Tayiba. In spite of the fevered imaginations of many in the press, there are no indications of troop movements in either Pakistan or India, and Indian officials say they have no intention of attacking Pakistan.
Veteran terrorism correspondent Richard Sale reveals that some of the Lashkar-e Tayiba, a largely Punjabi group, had been fighting the US in Iraq in recent years. If any these attackers were Iraq War 'veterans,' that would help account for their sophistication and guerrilla training.

Pakistan is offering to set up a joint inquiry with India into the attacks.
Juan Cole approves of the way the Indian government is handling the Mumbai terror incident.
India's leadership is showing remarkable cool and proceeding deliberately, which is a good sign. If any group of ten fanatics can go about provoking a war, we are going to have a lot of wars.
Quite true.

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