Monday, August 07, 2006

Ney out - chosen replacement not eligible

I hadn't posted on Bob Ney's withdrawal from the campaign for reelection to his 18th Congressional District of Ohio, because every place I looked at had beaten me to it. But this is less widely known.

According to Jeff Seemann For Congress over at Daily Kos Ney's hand-picked successor, Joy Padgett, is ineligible to run in Ney's place because earlier this year she ran in the Republican Primary for Lt. Governor and lost.

Jeff says that Ohio has what he calls a "Sore Loser Law." The law says that if you run in a primary and lose, you are ineligible to run for office in the main election. It is designed to prevent candidates from running in the primary, losing, and tben running an independent bid for office in the general election. [Connecticut Voters - Hint! Hint!]

So it looks like Congress is losing another crooked Republican Congressman, and has lucked out in not getting as a replacement a particularly nasty piece of work.

I would also guess that this leaves a pretty good possibility for Zack Space, the Democratic candidate for that seat, to win the election.

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