Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bullmoose just really pissed me off!

Bullmoose really pissed me off with his post.

This was my response:

When you stated
The Bush Administration should absolutely be subjected to tough accountability and scrutiny. It has made many grievous errors in this war. The Bushies have too often divided the country. But, should we lose all perspective?
You said a mouthfull. It is the Bush administration which has divided the country. It is the Congressional Republican Party who has refused to demand accountability and review of the executive department and the policies of this sick and ignorant administration.

The result has been for the government to dig a rathole for America to dive into, then drag the U.S. down the predictable rathole into the excrement. Then they demand that everyone who wishes to continue be considered a patriotic American continue digging no matter how bad the results. It is the Republicans who have equated support of the Bush administration and the Republican conservatives as being what every American must do to continue to be patriotic. It is the Republicans who have rejected nearly 80 years of movement towards an America which lives up to the dreams embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the recognition that slavery is unAmerican. It is the Republican conservatives and the Bush administraion who have rejected all criticism of their strange image of the new, NeoConservative America on pain of becoming a Benedict Arnold to the new 21st Century America.

I reject this view totally. My (sadly Republican-controlled) Congress has refused to demand ANY accountability and has in fact spent much of its time shooting the messengers who report the failures of the Republican/Bush administration policies. When they don't shoot them, they bury them and ignore them as has beed done with reviews of the Intelligence available before 9/11. We have been left with an Constitutionally uncontrolled Presidential administration which considers attempts to understand the source of international, economic and social problems to be weakness. This is an administration which does not accept government as a legitimate social function and considers only business as valid functions, wanting to drown government in a bathtub. This is an administration which considers the only solution to social and international problems to be military force, and which chafes at the restrictions which sensible people place on using nuclear weapons on those the government leaders consider enemies.

And you try to tell ME that I have lost all perspective?

What in God's name is Wrong with you? The Republican Party and the President who uses only intuition to make decisions and depends on Cheney and the NeoCons are destroying everything that matters in American government. Even most Republicans see that. But not Joe Lieberman and not you and the DLC. You must have a replica of Chamberlain's umbrella on your mantle, one to which you genuflect each day.

Wake up. If it's not too late, it is damned close. The Republican Party and the Bush administration are very close to destroying two centuries of American liberal democracy. We really need to stop these enemies of the American Dream.

Where is your perspective? Can't you se how wrong - how very unAmerican all this is?

Richard Brewer
Fort Worth, Texas

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