Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CT Dem Primary - Lamont appears to win

This isn't final, but it appears extremely likely that Ned Lamont has beaten Joe Lieberman for the Democratic nomination for Connecticut Senator. From the Hartford Courant:

U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
724 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 96.79%
Name Party Votes Pct
Lamont, Ned Dem 141,623 51.85
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 131,491 48.15
Democratic progressives are ecstatic. Washington D.C. pundits are happy to have a week's worth of off-the-wall pundanticy to write. Joe Lieberman is gnashing his teeth and planning revenge as salespersons pushing sack-cloth and ashes knock on his door. Connecticut Republicans prepare to offer Joe their support for his independent run for Senator.

Further away, all kinds of politicians are wondering how to work blogging into their campaign plans. First, most of them must learn to spell "blogging" and learn how to say it without a sour look on their faces.

Finally, campaign strategists for House and Senate elections are trying to decide what this means for the issues to be fought over this November. Most pollsters on contract are probably on the telephone even as I blog.

The news and internet is going to be very busy tonight, and everyone will be gossiping about this tomorrow morning.

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