Saturday, February 19, 2005

Good summary of GannonGate

Daily Kos presents an excellent summary of what is known on GannonGate. This is just a sample. Go read the whole thing.


September 27 1999, GOPUSA3-DOM CreatedDecember 1999, GOPUSA (according to Bobby Eberle, see interview) started as a Web-design company for Republican candidates. Not much activity and lacking success they reevaluated direction in Spring 2000.

September 2000, the GOPUSA became Internet news/information/commentary company.

November 2000, following election, Bruce Eberle, starts Election Integrity 2000 (later known as In the following two weeks, 335,656 petitions delivered to Sec. of State Katherine Harris in support of Bush. In later articles, they claim that 600,000 petitions were gathered. (more on activities in box below)

January 1, 2003 The GOPUSA news archives began

January 15, 2003 Gannon byline in GOPUSA

February 28, 2003 Gannon in White House

March 29, 2003, Talon News registers its domain name

April 1, 2003, the site goes live

April 3, 2003, Guckert goes to work in White House as Talon reporter

September 2003, GOPUSA Conference

March 24, 2004 merger of with (see letter below)

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