Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today’s great battle of the kitchen!

By Rick Brewer, reporter.

Our intrepid reporter has located the only witness to the heroic deed of Mac the Mouser and obtained a first hand report of what the witness observed. This is an exclusive!

The witness was initially otherwise occupied, and first became aware of the mouse – terrier interaction as she heard the scrabble of claws across the middle of the kitchen, so the chase was already in progress before she turned and observed it. The mouse had come from the vicinity of the kitchen cabinets and was for some unknown reason headed for the center of the room, and presumably beyond. Mac was already in rapid pursuit.

It is unknown if this was an accidental meeting engagement or if Mac actually flushed the mouse before chasing it. The latter seems more likely, since there was no obvious goal or hiding place in the middle of the kitchen where the mouse was headed. If the mouse had had a choice, he should have run into the cabinet, not towards the center of the kitchen. Anyway, the witness observed Mac as the heroic dog quickly caught the mouse and with an efficient snap of the jaw grabbed and shook it. The mouse did not survive the first contact, dying almost instantly according to the witness.

Mac then turned to display his unbloody catch to the witness, who immediately praised him and took custody of the corpse. The dead mouse was then provided with a respectible plastic sack as befitted an honorable deceased enemy, and was properly buried in the trash.

Efforts to contact the remaining mouse family for a comment were met with no printable comment, only low angry squeaking which appears to have been foul language aimed at the terrier and this reporter. They offered no excuse for the invasion of the house, and no remorse for the damage to the plumbing.

While victory over the mice is anticipated, reparations are considered unlikely. This is clearly total war.

The hero of the day, Mac, also had no comment over his heroic deed and merely continued his patrolling activities, but his dark brown almost steely black eyes flashed bright against his pure white fur as though he was saying "All in a days' work. There's more mice out there and I'm going after them." With that he went to patrol the utility room, an area of likely mouse infestation.

With heroes like Mac on our side, this house will soon be mouse-free!

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