Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Repubs are committing suicide; the Dems are dithering. Why?

I agree with the principles of the Democratic Party more than I do those of the Republicans, and I utterly detest the procedures used by Republicans to elect some of the craziest idiots we have in public life outside Hollywood. Now, going into the Fall elections the Republicans have let all their crazies out of the asylums at the same time, and in any rational system we would expect to see Democratic majorities take over both the Senate and the House this coming January.

As much as we'd like, even desperately need, that to happen, it isn't anything like assured. The Republican machine is still an extremely well-funded, well-organized and effective political machine. None of the adjectives can be applied to the Democratic Party.

Why? What is wrong with this nation?

Billmon, who obviously could not live up to his promise not to blog again before the elections, presents a comparison to the current political situation in America to that which existed in America between 1832 and the Civil War. During this time the Democrats took over political control of the nation and the Whig party fractured into disorganized splinters, out of which grew the new Republican Party.

Using that period as a standard, Billmon then points out the similarities and the differences today and why we cannot anticipate any favorable change in the political system.

Billmon is really one of the best analysts writing on the internet today. Here I think he exceeds himself. Go read it.

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