Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Republican Party can no longer be considered competent to govern.

The top Democrats who attempting to negotiate with the Republicans to resolve the fake debt "crisis" are stating publicly that Eric Cantor cannot be dealt with because he does not negotiate in good faith. The utter failure and total incompetence of the conservative-dominated Republican Party has come out into the open. The Republican Party cannot any longer be considered a party capable of governing even if it can win elections.

This history of failure and incompetence is quite clear. After stealing the Presidential election in 2000 the Bush/Cheney administration proved the incompetence of the party to govern, most clearly in the failed reaction to the Katrina disaster and on the utterly stupid invasion of Iraq for no sane reason. Their failure to govern led to the loss of the Presidency in 2008 to Obama. Their reaction was to double down on the idiocy 2010 by taking desperate actions to "rebrand" their most extreme elements as tea baggers (they screwed up the naming on that, too) and by convincing the credulous media that the social conservatives were a thing of the Republican past. The tea party bunch was given control of the party using Koch money through Dick Armey's Koch funded Freedom Works. Using the threat of Republican primaries against any Republican who voted against the Koch - Norquist libertarian ideology they have now had six months to prove their utter incompetence, uselessness and their dangerousness. The result has been that they manufactured the debt crisis in order to create a fake shock and apply the "Shock Doctrine" to America. To do that they have totally ignored the massive unemployment crisis the conservatives earlier created when they let the Banks destroy America’s productive businesses and the unionized middle class which bought the goods and services that the economy worked to create. All that the fake debt "crisis" the Republicans has manufactured has accomplished is to totally expose the failed nature of the conservative movement and the Republican Party by proving they cannot govern a modern industrial nation.

Face it. The Republican Party has nothing left now except to descend even further into desperate measures. Will anyone take them seriously as their current partner in corruption and incompetence the Murdoch crime family "news" is exposed even to the rest of the media for what it is?

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