Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brooks and Benen on the GOP's "Gods of the New Dawn"

Steve Benen writes today about David Brook's new column blasting the antics of the GOP politicians. Brook's new column is a followup to his column two weeks ago in which he excoriates the Republican Party as being unfit to govern.

In this new Column Brooks categorizes the Republican politicians as 'the “Beltway Bandits,” the “Big Government Blowhards,” the “Show Horses,” and the “Permanent Campaigners” ' and blames them for ' for failing to “usher in the largest cut in the size of government in American history.” ' He calls them the “Gods of the New Dawn" because they think that they are on the edge of taking over the government and that when they do they will permanently recreate American society as some one of the various utopias they believe in so strongly. The coming utopia will be the predicted "New Dawn" and the are salivating to be the heroes - the Gods even - who will have brought it into existence.

Steve Benen agrees with David Brooks and then goes on the describe the death spiral the GOP is currently involved in:
the GOP has decided that every recent electoral setback should be seen as excuse to move even further to the right. When Republicans win, they become more radical, assuming they’re being rewarded for their right-wing ideology. When they lose, they become still become more radical, assuming they’re being punished for not being right-wing enough.
Brooks also thinks there are adults remaining inside the GOP who will step in and stop the antics of the strange children who have recently been running wild and risking the economic destruction of America.

Steve does not believe there really are any such adult members of the GOP with the power to stop the headlong crash of the GOP. I agree with Steve. The mad men have taken over the Republicans and will not willingly give up control. Nor will the few sane Republicans take the required actions to stop them. Big money and bureaucratic inertia will take the GOP - and very possibly America - into the Hell of madness the insane have set up as the utopias which they will fight to enact.

The fake debt limit "crisis" is a perfect metaphor for the efforts the GOP will take to enact their destructive utopias.

Addendum 11:44 PM
Lawrence O'Donnell also comments on David Brooks' column:

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