Sunday, June 05, 2011

The tea party's ideal country

Nicholas D. Kristof">writes of the tea party fantasy country they want America to emulate. Here's what it offers:
  • Low taxes.
  • Limited government with no regulations on business.
  • A society with traditional religious values that has no problem with school prayer and does not accept same-sex marriages or equality for women.
  • The main priority for the federal government is the military budget.
Where is this country? Pakistan.

Of course, if you remove the military that Pakistan maintains you reach the Libertarian's ideal country, one surely loved by Ron Paul and his idiot son Rand. Entirely free enterprise based on markets and no long term planning of any kind.

That country with nothing but free enterprise and no government is the Libertarian paradise of Somalia. Somalia is a libertarian's delight where the lack of regulation of the seas (no Coast Guard and no regulations to enforce) has allowed the Japanese to clean out all the fish off the coast. The only two remaining industries in Somalia are militias and piracy because the rule of law does not exist.

Should we prepare for the wave of tea party immigrants and libertarians heading for these ideal nations?

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