Thursday, June 16, 2011

The media is no longer a benefit to democracy

Rachel Maddow gets most of it - and Cenk Uygar describes what is going on in the media. It's more than just what Rachel maddow describes as IOKIYAR (It's OK If You Are Republican.) It's what George Lakoff writes about in his book The Political Mind: Why Your can't understand the 21st-century American Politics with and 18th-Century Brain.

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George Lakoff describes how The brain deals with frames and scenarios. The memory is able to take in things that fit an existing frame in the brain, but things that do not fit an existing frame are discarded. So how are facts that don't fit an existing frame discarded?

That's older psychology. The term Cognitive Dissonance describes it. My previous post Global Warming threatens the very sense of self of conservatives so they reject the science reflexively describes how cognitive dissonance works for people to avoid facts that challenge core beliefs which make up their selves.

This is psychology that has been public long enough to be rather well known. What George Lakoff is writing about is how cognitive dissonance actually works in the brain and how the right wing is using that knowledge to manipulate the American voting public.

Go read the Lakoff book! What is happening in modern American politics is that the conservatives who want power and money are using the ways the human brain works to move to dominate the American voting public. Cenk Uygar describes it in this as it is playing out very well. What George Lakoff does is describe the brain science behind it.

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