Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Republicans marching lockstep into failure, taking America with them

The Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 election as well as the governorships of a number of states. Generally the winners of these elections took office the first or second week of this year. They've had slightly over a month in office now. So what has happened?

Naturally being patriotic and well-meaning Americans they have quickly settled in and begun to work at the major problems of the country - the of which everyone knows is Great Recession and the resulting broad unemployment. So here is a brief sample of the major actions they have taken so far.

Governor Scott Walker, doing the bidding of his master David Koch, has initiated an all-out battle to kill the state employee unions in Wisconsin. Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey has declared that if the New Jersey legislature does not cut the budget sharply then he will refuse to send out the seniors property tax rebates. Conservatives love to "negotiate" by holding a gun to someones head and saying "Agree or else!"

A big part of the Republican agenda is to go after abortion providers. The House budget bill cuts all funds for planned parenthood since they provide medial services to low-income women including contraception. At the state level we get the true extremists, such as the proposed bill by State Rep. Bobby Franklin of Georgia which would require any woman who had a miscarriage to prove that it was a spontaneous miscarriage or be arrested and tried for a felony.

And of course, anyone who goes out and demonstrates against the extremist Republicans should be shot on sight. Ask Jeffrey Cox who was a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana until he was fired today for his tweet that told the Wisconsin police if they were to remove the demonstrators from the capital that the police should "Use live ammunition." Allen West, the insane Islamophobic just elected Congressional Representative from Florida told the FOX viewers "I think I’ve done my share to bring the light of freedom into the Islamic world." Yeh, he has fought against Muslims everywhere he could find them - Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan. He was forced to retire from the Army for threatening to kill a prisoner and shooting his pistol off next to the man's head because he thought the prisoner could tell him about some alleged plot to assassinate West. But West says he is not an Islamophobe.

Besides settling old right-wing grudges and acting generally anti-social and even insane, how much is being done to create new jobs and to improve education in this country? Not very much.

Welcome the Republicans into office. They will give us a nation none of us want to live in.

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