Friday, February 18, 2011

Global warming provides a rational explanation for all the snow in the U.S.

The nasty snow last week can be explained by global warming. From Kevin Drum:
"The main hypotheses for why we have so much snow, [...] involve heat coming out of the now-open Arctic ocean in early winter. Once the ice cap freezes over temporarily, the wild weather calms down."
Remember the melting Arctic ocean ice cap?

Short description: The ice cap used to protect the Arctic Ocean water and keep it under the ice. But radical climate change has melted much of the Arctic Ice Cap. It has also warmed the atmosphere above the Arctic Ocean and warm air hold more water than cold air.

But water in the atmosphere is going to drop as either rain or snow. It is
Winter in North America, so when the warmer air moved South an hit colder conditions it became snow.

Voila! Snow storms caused by the misnamed "global warming." The core of the problem is rapidly rising temperatures on a planetary scale. That is leading to radical climate change and as the temperature increases the climate will change even more radically.

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