Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's a look at how the Republicans came up with the messages to kill health care reform

This comes from Katie Halper and the SEIU. It was posted at TPMCafe. It's quite fun.

All the Republican flacks hard at work to mislead the public for no better reason than the fact that they want to gain back the political power they lost when conservatism was implemented and proved a total disaster under Bush and Cheney.

American Conservatism as an ideology with which to run government always results in disaster because it is diametrically opposed to good governance processes. Conservatives to succeed in government must abandon the ideology. Check the history of why the Republicans lost the House in 1954 after only having control for two years and never regained it until a new generation of suckers was old enough to buy their lies and self-serving nostrums in 1994. The Republican time in control of both the Presidency and the Congress has always failed, although rarely as spectacularly as the last eight years.

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