Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bush/Cheney attack on Iran would have stopped the current Iranian revolution

Do you realize where the young people in Iran would have been today if we or the Israelis had attacked Iran? Iran would have been on a war footing, just as America was after December 7, 1941 and Ahmahdinejad would have been reelected with no questions asked.Those same young people who are today demonstrating in the streets would instead be volunteering to attack the enemies who attacked Iran.

Think not? Bernard Avishai provides the in-depth analysis.

Think war brings peace? Ask the Palestinians in Gaza. The Israelis did not secure peace, or secure their borders, or secure the the long term existence of Israel by attacking Gaza. Nor did the Gazans obtain peace and stability by shooting rockets into Israel. Nor did the Iranian hardliners secure Iran by shipping rockets and weapons to the Palestinians. All the hardliners of all the nations have to offer is a perpetual cycle of more war and killing and starvation for their people.

War does not bring peace and social stability. War begats more war.

Peace and stability require a political solution - along with careful and appropriate policing to deal with individual crazies and bandits.

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