Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two more years of Bush running foreign policy

At the end of two more Years Bush and Cheney will retreat to their "after the White House" homes and post-office well-paying sinecures. While they do their photo-ops they will be saying "We could have won if..." or but... follewed by whatever the conservative myth of the day will be by then.

For an idea of what reality is, go read Kevin Drum (and again, Kevin Drum update), Digby, Matthew Iglesias and Atrios.

For a fast summary, though, they all agree that the war in Iraq is lost already and the proposed increase in troops will not change that. The only good thing about it is that the civilian masters requiring the increase are being asked to look at what the increased troops are being sent to do. They need clear and achievable missions.

As an aside - What no one in the groups I refer to point out is that clear and achievable missions can be compared to what is needed to "win" (whatever than means) and the failure to achieve those goals will be clear.

Whatever, Iraq has already been lost. This is the conservative's last gasp. It will fail, since the conservatives have no clue regarding what they are fighting against, nor do they understand what armies can achieve. But they will not admit this.

Shortly after the U.S. pulls out of Iraq the cry will arise from the conservatives "We could have won, but the Liberals stabbed us in the back!!" That's because conservatism (like its very similarly emotionally held "'ism", Communism) is perfect and can never fail. Any failure must be because someone (Liberals and Democrats) sabotagued them or because the people who were in charge (in this case, Cheney and Bush) are not really conservatives.

Wait for it. The whining is not far off. The only question remaining is how many more lives will be destroyed between now and the final recognition by a controling majority of Americans that the Iraq adventure has failed.

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