Sunday, December 24, 2006

Stories you haven't heard in the MSM

Here are some stories that should have been covered by the main stream media (MSM) and haven't been.

First, here are ten stories from Making Light. I think I'll microwave my next passport. But now I can understand why it jumped from $40 to $95. [Military-Industrial complex and obscene profits. This is a legal monopoly. You can't get a passport without paying what the government charges, and the company is going to make a sizeable profit. ]

Next are three more at Hullabaloo by Digby. (Digby's addendum sent me to the ten at Making Light.)

Then, from Media Matters we get the eleven most outrageous Comments of 2006.

Then for those of you who are interested in reading about the psychology of what makes people tick, I am going to strongly recommend "Bush on the Couch."

Bush On the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President
Bush On the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President

I clicked on the B&N used books, found one for $1.99 plus about $3.50 postage, and it has been more than worth it. I have studied mostly modern psychology (cognitive behavorial and such) and very little Psychotherapy outside of reading a bit of Freud and Jung. Dr. Frank does an excellent job of telling what his particular school of psychotherapy beleives and then applying it to the well published history of Bush. This is the kind of psychoanalysis that the CIA has used to determine the stability of foreign leaders.

I'd really love to see a similar analysis on Dick Cheney and Pat Robertson.

Anyway, I strongly recommend the book, and since you are here, Click on the book icon above, then go down to Used Books (or roll your mouse over to the right hand column of my blog to the "Find Books" link and click through to Barnes and Nobel.)

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