Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Several News Items of Interest Posted today.

Published polls from NBC and the Wall street Journal indicate that Center-Left economic Ideas dominate with the voting public.

The Obama administration has taken a major step towards permitting state experimentation into the medical properties of Marijuana.

A number of Republican governors who are running for President (Christi, Jindal, and O'Malley) are finding that voters in their own respective states have generally decided not to support their home governors for President.

The 21 year old White racist who murdered 9 parishioners is the landmark Black Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, SC wanted to spark a race war. He failed to set off the war he wanted. Instead we are seeing the beginning of bipartisan political actions to remove the racist symbol of the Confederate battle flag from South Carolina and Mississippi, and WalMart has announced that it will stop selling all confederate flag merchandise in its stores.