Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingrich recognizes the Supreme Court's self-inflected political weakness

Newt Gingrich told Bob Schieffer today on CBS' Face the Nation that America does not need to obey orders of the Supreme Court if America disagrees with those court orders. In fact, he goes on to state that Congress can send the Capital Police to arrest 'Radical' Judges.

I have to give Gingrich credit for choosing a detested target which has weakened itself politically during the 21st Century.

The US Supreme Court (SC) has really worked very hard to destroy its' own political legitimacy, especially with their unjustified and clearly illegitimate appointment of Bush as President in 2000 as well as their judicial overreach going far beyond the issues in the case they had decided to accept in the declaration that corporations are people in Citizens United.

Beyond their unjudicial and biased decisions there is also the refusal of the Justices to Clarence Thomas' and Scalia's unethical behavior. Their refusal to act within judicial ethics rules also has weakened the Supreme Court's legitimacy. Most of America - progressive and conservative both - no longer consider the declarations of the nine justices anything more than just the pronouncements of another bunch of cheap politicians. Gingrich

Gingrich, as one of America's most notorious cheap politicians, has recognized all this self-inflicted weakness in the Supreme Court and has stepped in to take advantage of that fact. He is attacking the Supreme Court, and through it the entire American judicial system. Trust a nasty cheap politician like Gingrich to use the self-inflicted weakness of others to try to advance himself.

Unfortunately for Gingrich it won't help him. He simply displays his own lack of character as he attacks the Supreme Court. He offers no analysis or correction to the court. All he is doing is showing off his own (imagined) intelligence as well has his own inability to function effectively in government.

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