Wednesday, October 05, 2011

How does a social movement succeed? Hard, skilled work.

Ezra Klein has posted an article by skilled organizer Rich Yeselson describing what is required to make a movement succeed. What it takes is meetings - meetings - meetings and more meetings along with the motivation to make the time to conduct the meetings. Here is a little more from the article which he entitles The Four Habits of highly successful social movements:
  • the work of skilled organizers;
  • the success of those organizers in getting people, once these events end, to meet over and over and over again;
  • whether or not the movement can promote public policy solutions that are organically linked to the quotidian lives of its supporters; and
  • the ability of liberalism’s infrastructure of intellectuals, writers, artists and professionals to expend an enormous amount of their cultural capital in support of the movement.
Anyone who wants to see the Occupy Wall Street Movement succeed needs to read this entire article.

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